Hair Timeline


Okay, so, this isn’t totally complete. I’m starting the timeline at the first time I bleached my hair, which was November, 2007. I had dyed my hair many times before that, but it didn’t start getting really interesting until bleach was involved!

Here are the colors used. All dyes are Manic Panic, unless otherwise stated.

  1. Natural!
  2. Bleached 
  3. Electric Lava (my first and favorite), with some other crappy brand of fuschia underneath, which I can’t remember.
  4. Crappy drug-store brunette color
  5. Crappy drug-store auburn color
  6. Hair was thoroughly fried from permanent box dyes, cut it all off
  7. Back to natural again
  8. Bleached w/ Virgin Snow toner
  9. Ultra Violet on underside, with Virgin Snow toner on top
  10. Electric Lava
  11. New Rose
  12. Fuschia Shock (It looks more red in this picture, but it was actually bright fuschia. I should also note that this color, though awesome, was extremely messy, and stained everything it touched, as well as permanently staining my hair! NEVER AGAIN.)
  13. Hot Hot Pink
  14. This was after using “Color Oops” to remove the fuschia. Never, ever use this stuff over bleached hair, guys. Damaged my hair badly.)
  15. Pillarbox Red
  16. Ultra Violet
  17. Some non-permanent, drug-store box brunette color
  18. Cut and bleached!
  19. Mystic Heather
  20. Atomic Turquoise
  21. Electric Banana overtop of faded Atomic Turquoise — turned an interesting lime color
  22. Pillarbox Red (came out more pink this time, probably due to lingering green underneath)
  23. Wildfire mixed with Electric Banana to make orange (basically Sally’s was out of Electric Lava, and I wanted orange)

I’ll keep updating this when I do more colors. :-)

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